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From Thomas Thompson

HI! My name is David. i am seeking donations to make a dream become a reality. I have been building in my head for the last 20yrs.

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Hi! my name is David. I am seeking donations to make a dream a reality. I am not sure what to say in this forum. I will start by saying "if I didn't have bad luck' I would have no luck at all". At least that keeps life interesting, right? 'I was born in Houston. I spent a lot of time living with my Grandparents. I paid attention to their stories about the times when they were growing up. I quickly realized that I was born in the wrong era. The values that I was taught were very rare amongst others my age. Unfortunately, my life changed radically when I discovered drugs. Apath that I deeply regret. My Grandparents meant the world to me. As they do to this very day. When my grandfather passed it shook my entire world. I moved back in with my grandmother to help her take care of the house and pay bills. My whole life she showed me an unconditional love. Something I never experienced from my mother. In 1999, Iwas involved in a drug deal that went bad. As a result, I ended up trying to execute a thief. He lived through the ordeal, and I was arrested. I knew that I would end up in prison for quite some time. I got married before my sentencing, out of necessity and not love. I needed someone to look after my grandmother. I married a friend from high school. Someone I thought I could trust. In 2001, I was sentenced to 20yrs. in prison. The last few weeks were spent with my grandmother. I remember standing in the living room saying how much we loved each other and our last embrace. Shortly into my incarceration my grandmother got ill and needed surgery. I pleaded with my wife to bring here to see me. My so-called wife refused, stating "I don't want to have to deal with her afterwards". Late one night, I was called to the security office. I was told that my grandmother had passed. Less than one year after my incarceration. That literally destroyed my world. My grandmother, in her will, had left me her house and a trust fund. So that I would be able to start life over upon release. I had no idea how a trust worked and was told I needed a trustor. My wife quickly had me sign her as the trustor. In 2004, my wife filed for divorce, citing "in supportability". Somehow, I knew I was screwed. I learned thru the divorce papers from her attorney, my soon to be ex-wife, had sold the house and spent my entire inheritance. I spent the remaining 17yrs., listening to my radio and building motorcycles. In my head and on paper. For 20yrs. now, my hopes and dreams have been nothing but delusions and fantasies. Now... I am out, I am a free man. I would very much like to make one of my dreams a reality. I have chosen of my builds to create. I am asking for donations to buy parts. I know it is going to cost more than the amount I am seeking and adjust my need as I go. I have received donations from friends to purchase the rear wheel. Iam willing to show the parts I buy and account for all donations. I will respond promptly to every each and everyone's contribution with much thanks.    GOD BLESS YOU,   David

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